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Just a few Fantastically Asked Questions

(This area will continue to grow as we have our readers ask questions, so please check back often for updates. If you have other

questions, please feel free to contact us)


What is Fantastical Reads?

Fantastical Reads is a YA book subscription service. Every month we choose a theme based on our chosen book, which will be a newly released YA hardcover as well as 4-8 theme related items.

What Genres do we include?

We read and review books from all genres.  The monthly book is chosen based on a unanimous decision by the three of us, choosing the book we feel is best to send. Some books we love and cannot include will be reviewed on our recommendation page.

How do the subscriptions work?

There are three different subscription plans. There’s monthly, at the beginning of everything month your card will be charged. Three month prepaid and six month prepaid are a one time payment for the following months. You can cancel the monthly subscription at any time.

Can I skip a month during my subscription?

Yes! Currently, we do not have an automated option to skip a month. Simply contact us before the first of the month stating you would like to skip your shipment for that month at contact@fantasticalreads.com

What’s the difference between being a subscriber and doing a one time purchase?

A one time purchase is a single payment you make for one box, you can either buy the current month's box (if any are still available) or any past boxes we have available. The subscription you pay for monthly, three month prepaid, or six month prepaid, if you have a subscription you are guaranteed to get a box.

For what age is the box recommended?

The featured book in our boxes are Young Adult, and New Adult and are best recommended for 14 and up. We read all of our monthly picks so if you have specific questions, please feel free to contact us contact@fantasticalreads.com or you can go to GoodReads to get detailed reviews from others.

What if I receive the same book in another subscription box?

Unfortunately we can not make sure no other box has the book we’re sending out, and we do not offer returns or refunds for our boxes. All subscription box companies work extremely hard to get their boxes just right, even if they have the same book as us they will most likely have different theme related items. You could always gift the book to someone else.

What is a theme?

The theme of the box is decided among us based on the genre and content of the book. We combine all these elements and search the world for items we feel will best compliment our chosen theme. We will tell you the genre and theme of each box, but don't expect each box to be predictable. We will not send out aliens and spaceships for every Sci-fi box, etc. 

Do You Sell Gift Cards?

Yes, we sell digital gift cards for immediate delivery to an email address. Click on the Gift Card link at the top right or bottom left of the page. You can purchase a gift card for any amount between $50 and $200. Gift cards are non-refundable.

Gifting A Subscription

You can gift a subscription, or singular purchase to someone. The process of buying the box is the same, but at the checkout you input the recipient's address information.