A New World Awaits You...

Our Story

It's not that interesting, but we are happy to share.


We are a family owned and operated business started by Lana, Joseph, and Caterina because we share a love for reading. We know that often the world can be a place that is not so nice. Books have a way of making us feel better, imagine fantastical places, or bring us someplace else for a short time. We hope to bring you everything you wish for when you dig into a new book and make you part of our family.



Each book is selected months in advance and has been read by all of us and agreed upon unanimously. We will take you to the depths of space, inside the minds of magnificently crafted androids, get your fill of deep dark woods and discover your next favorite heroine or hero. Sometimes we will give you something quirky and unexpected and others that particular fantasy world you've been waiting for. No matter what, our boxes will always be filled with the care and love we have for our Fantastical Reads family.


Happy Reading!